Not the Typical VC

In 2014, we established Blossom Street with the goal of being accessible, transparent, and fast. In contrast to the drawn out diligence process you'll find at most VC firms, our quantitative approach prioritizes speed and transparency.  We've led rounds, followed on, and doubled and tripled down, investing in 30 companies to date.

The Approach

We like classic growth rounds but also special situations including...

Inside Rounds

Small Rounds

Rushed Rounds


Cap Table Clean Up

Corralling Investors Waiting
on a Term Sheet

From our initial conversation to full commitment, the process is 3 to 4 weeks, with investments ranging from $1MM to $4MM.

four weeks to funding

Week 01

Review the Data

Week 02

First Committee

Week 03

Meet in Person

Week 04

Final Committee

We like to stay connected through casual monthly calls with founders, without the typical formality of presentations (you have better things to do than make a deck). Once funded, we'll never tell you what to do, but we'll always share insights from our experiences, both the good and bad. During meetings, we keep it conversational and focus on your challenges and the go-forward.

We welcome direct contact from founders and never require a warm intro.

Founder Profiles

We look for founders who are cash efficient, scrappy, and pragmatic.
Below you'll see what we love about the founders we've backed. If they sound familiar, get in touch. No introduction necessary.

Jan Arendtsz

CEO, Celigo

"Jan is the no-bullshit type of founder we love. During the fundraising process, he was more interested in the right solution versus hobnobbing with VC. Despite being based in San Francisco, he's cared deeply about cash efficiency and metrics since day one."

Afif Khoury

CEO, Soci

"We value our relationship with Afif deeply. At one point, he needed a Playstation 10 a few weeks before Christmas. We got it off of Craigslist, met the seller in a Walmart parking lot, and overnighted it to Afif. We're lucky to be invested with him, and at some point we hope he joins us on the darkside."

Shalom Reinman

CEO, Megadata

"Shalom is a heads-down CEO with a numbers-first focus. We were able to assist through a very complicated fundraising process, sourcing the lead investor, and our only regret is we couldn't get more equity here."

Matt Hay

CEO, Bulbshare

"If there is a solution, Matt is going to find it. He listens extremely well and talks to those experts we introduce, because none of us knows everything. His focus on efficiency and cash is as strong as it gets, and our confidence in him to shepherd us to the promised land couldn't be higher."

Jeremy Swift & Ben Dorr

Co-founders, Cordial

"Humility is something we care about deeply, and despite growing Cordial to a leader in their space, Jeremy and Ben have it. Plus, Ben is a hip-hop head like us, which we appreciate."

Jon Kay & Eli Sapir

Co-founders, Apptopia

"If there is someone out there who grinds harder than Jon, we haven't met them. And if we could point Eli's brain to world problems like cancer or climate change, there's a good chance he'd solve them.  They compliment each other beautifully."

Brock Stechman & Brody Dorland

Co-founders, DivvyHQ

"Brock and Brody are relentless. They grind hard, communicate really well, and we work together on problems. There are no secrets between us and we very much love working with them."

Mikhail Dubov & Dmitry Isupov

Co-founders, Chattermill

"Mikhail and Dmitry communicate so effectively, listen well, and have built a best-in-class product that keeps getting better. We're excited about what's coming next for them."
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